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Without Regrets

I think my last post was December of 2015.  Pretty sad, I know.  Marriage, family, job, kid’s school and sporting events, friends, unexpected circumstances… All this and more make for a full calendar and a fulfilling life.  The things that bring me the most joy – my wife, kids, extended family and friends – take […]

Preparing our Hearts for Christmas

I was reading a devotional by my old college president and wanted to share it with you.  I have taken the liberty to change some of the words and the way it was written but the main remains the same:   The Christmas season is approaching, and we must prepare our hearts for Christ’s coming. […]

Overcoming Great Loss and Encountering Grief

Part of life is experiencing loss. There is no way around it. We cannot avoid it. No matter how we live, no matter how much we try to self-protect, no matter how hard we try to insulate ourselves loss will strike and it will strike more than once in our life. No matter what the […]

Six Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

Read this blog by Tony Reinke on  It is a good read and things we all should consider. Check it out!  

Relating to the next generation

Relating to the next generation Hey everybody, I would love to get a little feedback from all of you under 30.  What do you think about this article?  Do you agree?  Let me know your thoughts…

The Power of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I must admit that Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday.  There are so many good memories for me around Thanksgiving.  My parents always made it so special.  There was always family and friends involved.  If someone didn’t have somewhere to spend Thanksgiving, well, then they came to our house.  And […]

Ethnicity, Context, and Mission: A Brighter Future for the Church. Ed Stetzer

Ethnicity, Context, and Mission: A Brighter Future for the Church DJ Chuang shares his thoughts on the future of the Church. Ed Stetzer I follow Ed Stetzer on twitter and read many of his articles.  I found this one interesting and relevant to what God has called us as Waypoint Church to…  Hope you enjoy […]

Purpose: Cluster or Scatter?

We are meant to go to the nations.  We are meant to carry the gospel to all the world.  It is what God has purposed us to do.  We are not meant to stay in one place.  It is our tendency as humans to cluster but it is God’s intention that we would scatter across […]

N.T. Wright on Beauty, Justice and Faith Part 3

N.T. Wright on Beauty, Justice and Faith Part 3 Here is the final part of the interview.  Hope you enjoy!

N.T. Wright on Beauty, Justice and Faith Part 2

N.T. Wright on Beauty, Justice and Faith Part 2 Here is Part 2 of N.T. Wright’s interview.