Do We Know How to Blush?

“Were they ashamed when they committed abomination?

No, they were not at all ashamed;

they did not know how to blush.

Therefore they shall fall among the fallen;

when I punish them, they shall be overthrown,

says the Lord” (Jeremiah 8:12 ESV).

Have you ever wondered just how much our society influences you? I have recently been thinking about just how much impact our society/our culture has on me. I believe as a follower of Jesus Christ and a member of His church that I and we (the church) have the greatest potential to be and should be the greatest change agents for the good that our society/our culture has. I often wonder if I and we are living our lives in such a way that is worthy of the calling. As I look through history I recognize that those who changed their world were those men and women who stood out. No one ever changed the world by being like someone else. They weren’t afraid to look different in their beliefs, values and lifestyles. They didn’t let society/culture influence them; no, they influenced their society/culture. Their lifestyle matched their vision and values. 

A while back ago I was reading an article in the magazine Newsweek. It was an article about the underground world on the web of free sperm donors. They had interviewed several donors and recipients of those donations. One donor said that he had donated to over a hundred and loved the idea of lots of people out there that were related to him. A lesbian couple talked of how they had met their donor in parks, parking lots and Starbucks to make the transaction ( this involved receiving and using the fresh sperm). 

I finished reading the article and put it down and thought “hum, isn’t that interesting?”. The thought was a thought that said, “well, that is kind of normal for our culture.” I wasn’t shocked or moved. As soon as I had that thought and realized that I wasn’t moved I was convicted. I was convicted that it shouldn’t be normal. I was convicted that I should be embarrassed that my culture can talk about this stuff like it’s normal. I should be embarrassed that I almost bought the lie that it is normal. I repented. My repentance moved me not toward judgement but towards crying out for mercy and towards compassion. 

Do we know how to blush? What are we accepting that we should be blushing over? What are we accepting as normal that shouldn’t be normal? We won’t change the world being like the world. I am asking Jesus to help me blush over the things that are worthy of blushing so that I may move out in compassion and mercy. I think the world needs the church to blush again and to lead the world in repentance, love and mercy. 


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