Without Regrets

I think my last post was December of 2015.  Pretty sad, I know.  Marriage, family, job, kid’s school and sporting events, friends, unexpected circumstances… All this and more make for a full calendar and a fulfilling life.  The things that bring me the most joy – my wife, kids, extended family and friends – take time.  If I am not taking the time to spend with them then I am not taking the time to enjoy them.  Relationships, in which the deepest  joy can be experienced, take time.

One of my motto’s in life is “live without regret”.  One thing I have never regretted is the time I have spent with my wife, family and friends.  I remember the time that my dad was nearing death.  I lived in Nebraska and he lived in Texas.  A pastor friend of mine encouraged me to go as often as I could to see him.  He said that I would never regret the money or time spent to do so.  I remember traveling to Texas 4 times in a couple month span of time.  I remember getting to spend the last week of my dad’s life on this earth with him.  Yes there was a cost to it.  I had to take time off of work at a crucial time and I did that several times.  And to be honest I think my job suffered for it.  However, I do not regret that time spent with my dad and I would do it again if I had the chance.  I did the same with my mom.  I  have learned that the time it takes to have deep relationships is worth the cost it demands.  The joy that comes from deep relationships is like no other joy.

I choose to live without regrets. That means I choose to have a fulfilling life which means most of the time my calendar is full… without regrets.

Time spent with my mom before she went to be with Jesus.  She had a word for each of us as we sat around her hospital bed.  A memory none of us will forget.  Time well spent.

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